Eros Et Civilisation Herbert Marcuse

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Eros Et Civilisation  by  Herbert Marcuse

Eros Et Civilisation by Herbert Marcuse
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During the 1995-1996 school year, I took Andrew Cutrofellos philosophy class entitled Action & Value: Happiness & Responsibility. We read Kants Grounding for a Metaphysics of Morals, Freuds Civilization and Its Discontents, Marcuses Eros and Civilization, Renata Salecls (a Lacanian) The Spoils of Freedom, and Aristotles Nichomachean Ethics. Loyola had a large core curriculum that required three philosophy classes. I had already taken Philosophy of Human Nature, the one common philosophy class that all students take, as well as a class in logic with Harry Gensler, a Jesuit who was at Loyola and wrote the book.

While I enjoyed both of my previous philosophy classes, it was Andrews class and Marcuses work that inspired me to take more philosophy classes -- I first took three more classes to complete a minor, one with John Bannan on Philosophy of Emotion, one with Paul Abela on Philosophy of Mind, and one with Jeffry Librett in the German department that was cross-listed with philosophy entitled Psychoanalysis and Frankfurt School Social Theory. I again read Marcuse, and liked him even more the second time around (although Librett, while good, wasnt as great as Andrew). Later, I decided to become a philosophy major.

I wound up reading Eros and Civilization three times during my undergrad career. I think my old roommate walked away with my copy of the book, though. I think Marcuse is my favorite critical theorist -- I like him better than Habarmas, who came to speak at Loyola while I was in grad school (the only works of Habarmas I made it through completely are Communication and the Evolution of Society and Knowledge and Human Interests, so maybe Id like him more if I read more, but I doubt Ill do that).

Then again, I did really enjoy Fromm. Anyway, Marcuse treats Freud and Marx, and does a good job of it. Ill stop rambling now, but if youd like to see a video on Marcuse, see Herberts Hippopotamus.

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