Paper Husband Diana Palmer


Published: January 1st 2013

Kindle Edition

74 pages


Paper Husband  by  Diana Palmer

Paper Husband by Diana Palmer
January 1st 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 74 pages | ISBN: | 7.67 Mb

What do I say about this one…started out so promisingly and then sorta lost me midwayish. I so love this ‘hero loves another’ trope but seldom an author delivers on this one. What interested me immediately was that the H, a woman hater actually likes n is quite fond of our h – a real rarity I thought sitting up bcuz generally the womanhating is reserved solely for the h .. but alas that came undone in the very first chapter itself :/(view spoiler)[ Ok a few gems about the H, the author tells us ..‘..It was well-known in the community that Hank had no use for a woman except in one way.

He was discreet and tight-lipped about his liaisons, and only Dana seemed to know that he had them. He was remarkably outspoken with her. In fact, he talked to her about private things that he shared with nobody else…..’n my eyebrows just simply vanished somewhere upstairs…he’s 38 (I think)..n she’s the 22 year old neighbor’s kid!

And he discusses his sexlife with her!!! Dayummm!!! And this was page 10 or 12 I think…n we are just being introduced to the characters…but then I rallied thinking okaaay they have this very special relationship, this misogynist n his virgin..n lets read on. But things just went downhill frm there. His ex, whom he still has the hots for, is coming back n after some insults n sneering for the poor h, the H/h get down to this moc thing with the H specifically laying down that it wud strictly be a paper marriage n no hanky panky involved.

But right on the wedding night ( after a cheap n shoddy vegas wedding) he seduces the poor drunk besotted girl n does the deed. Thereafter he proceeds to ignore her for the nxt 2 weeks till the ow lands. And seriously here’s the part I hated most. One look n he realizes he still wants his ex, and in fact sticks his tongue down her throat right in front of her husband.

Really gross. I just fell in hate with him there and then. Loving n fantasizing sexually about the ow is okay imo till the H/h don’t have sex. But once they do and it was a damn good sex scene if you ask me, still getting turned on physically by the ow? Unforgivable!

Of course he eventually does discover his love fr the poor ill treated h but that dint restore my respect.And then in the end, read this..Considering the sort of man I am-and I think you know me pretty well by now-do you think Im capable of making love to one woman when Im in love with someone else? “She searched his eyes. Well, no, I dont think so. Youre pretty old-fashioned like that. “He nodded. So how could I have made love to you so completely that one time if Id really been in love with Betty?I mean ..

seriously?! He was sleeping around as he used to so nicely share with her in the beginning and now he says he couldn’t have if he really loved the lady. Then why dint it click in his moronic brain all these past ten years that he dint really love the barracuda.

And even if the author had brought in the convenient sex vs making love defense, i wud still have snorted loudly, (hide spoiler)]

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