Veien Til Agra Aimée Sommerfelt

ISBN: 9788251797061

Published: 1995

154 pages


Veien Til Agra  by  Aimée Sommerfelt

Veien Til Agra by Aimée Sommerfelt
1995 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 154 pages | ISBN: 9788251797061 | 4.31 Mb

What a lovely little book!I found this book (with the same cover as pictured here,) at the local Goodwill for about a dollar. Such an old book, I thought, must have been very special to someone to have lasted so long in a bookshelf before being donated--and I was right, it is a special book.The story is about a 13 or 14 year old boy named Lalu and his 7 year old sister, Maya, set in India. Maya has been lucky enough to receive a spot at the local school, and Lalu is determined to learn to read from her, but poor Maya is going blind. A friend tells Lalu that at the hospital in Agra, they can cure blindness, but Lalus family has no way to send Maya.

So Lalu volunteers to take her himself--to walk 475km by themselves.Along the way, the siblings meet good people and bad- a cobra, bear, and elephant- suffer and grow. Some might object that Maya cries a lot, but in my experience, children do cry a lot.I recommend this book for children 5-15, or adults with a child to read to.

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